Friends Across Borders

# Bring attention to historic inherited narratives of trauma not only shape identity but define how we relate to other identities.

Building New Communities

By bringing Germans, Israelis, and Palestinian civil and activist leaders to engage in understanding and to heal the "Trauma Triangle," we bring attention to how historic inherited narratives of trauma not only shape identity but define how we relate to each other.


Creating New Narratives 

With the help of interactive and creative approaches paying particular attention to personal awareness and group-specific dynamics, the participants of this program become aware of the psychological, and political patterns that disrupt and prevent interpersonal and communal empathy. The program takes an in-depth look into the inherited and personally experienced trauma and how it affects peacemaking efforts and vision.

This program sets a discourse for activists to understand personal and collective identities. The sharing of stories provides a framework triggering painful emotions resulting in empathy and, therefore, space for the deconstruction of narratives.

Seven meetings take place independently of each identity group. The meetings bring the participant into a deeper understanding of identity, conflict narrative, tolerance, active listening, and how trauma shapes conversations in one's community. These meetings are followed by joint meetings to deepen the work of understanding and healing trauma.

This program has been a part of our continuous learning and development of ourselves as an organization that is seeking to understand the effects of personal and collective trauma, power structures/dynamics, and their impact on peace and peacemaking.

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