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Our friends in the UK who have been organising and travelling with Holy Land Trust for a long time, share their experiences in this blog!

There are loads of organisations that you can organise a trip to the Holy Land with. If you want to organise one through the bigger companies then it will all be very straight forward and you will be slotted into a well-defined package of activities and you will come back having had a fantastic but easy trip. You will see all the sites, travel in your own luxury coach, and stay in comfortable commercial hotels. You may even meet a few Palestinians along the way. And if it is one of the more enlightened trips you may get some very balanced political input, which will remind you how complicated the situation is.

But what you will not get is the welcome, personal encounters, depth of insight, cultural gems and hopeful rage against the injustice of the Occupation that you will through the trips organised with- Holy Land Trust!


We have been organizing trips with Holy Land Trust for the last 10 years. And with them, even sky is not the limit when it comes to travel and insights.During these trips, you will meet some remarkable Palestinian and Israeli peace activists, not least the Holy Land Trust team, and hear inspirational people speak so eloquently about the issues, often in the most unlikely of circumstances and somehow manage to convey hope in the face of the despair around them . Their call for non-violent resistance is always combined with a reminder not to be one-sided but to be pro-peace and pro-justice. 

Holy Land Trust can offer experts guides, participants on our trips who will give rare and valued insights into understanding various dynamics of the conflict. Travellers sometimes would prefer to visit a community in the South Hebron Hills and here about their experiences, than visit another church and Holy Land Trust are fantastic at making these live changing conversations happen. 

Meeting people is central to our trips. Whether that is wandering around the shops of Bethlehem, talking to the shop keepers over coffee and coming back with souvenirs! Or eating delicious Palestinian foods like maklouba, felafel and of course kanafeh in Nablus and the cakes of Nazareth! Or spending time with the Holy Land Trust team, or staying with a family or vising their home and cooking with them or walking through a refugee camp talking to the young people who are our guides. Holy land trust is your one stop for all these experiences!! 

And if like me you have a faith, then you will get a fresh glimpse of the Jesus who was born lived, died and rose again here, all under a brutal occupation of these beautiful peoples. And Holy Land Trust will give you this full spectrum experience that is almost impossible to find elsewhere. And all this will be this with fantastic local guides, great friends, even greater food and surrounded by so much laughter, hope and fun. 

Chris Rose
Amos Trust - Executive Director


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